JavaScript – It’s going to be interesting to know the role of JavaScript in the development of engaging websites and part of SEO. The usage of JavaScript becomes the center point for website developers and SEO nerds both.

However, JavaScript and SEO concerns remain hectic for many website developers. Website owners want to make sure that search engine crawlers including Googlebot can understand sites with lots of JavaScript so that the website may not get affected through search engine results. The discussion has made Google bring on a conclusion to release JavaScript SEO information to help SEO, Social Media Marketing Agency Ahmedabad, & developers to ensure about JavaScript pages for the SERPs effectively.

In our today’s article, we have shared information on JavaScript SEO to help our readers to optimize site and get ready to beat the competitors in the ranking game.

Rendering with JavaScript SEO

It’s essential to understand how JavaScript sites behave and interact with users and search engine crawlers. Initially, Google determines websites with mere JavaScript on the page and complete JavaScript sites. However, JavaScript helps in creating special effects, but the most important information is there as HTML. This indicates that JavaScript doesn’t impact the Googlebot ability to read and understand the site and thus it will not impact SEO.

JavaScript sites mainly use JavaScript for critical information. It means that the content you want to include relies on JavaScript for getting displayed on the site.

What is rendering?

In a simple word, it is the process that takes the website content, templates, images, and many other features of the site and displays to the user. Basically, there are two major types of rendering which are server-side rendering and client-side rendering.

How does rendering affect JavaScript SEO?

Google knows JavaScript easily and it doesn’t require more effort than the standard form of HTML. This can become a drawback many times for JavaScript websites. According to Google, the Googlebot indexes JavaScript sites in two phases. In the first phase, the crawler will look at the HTML content and use the same to start site indexing.

In a second phase, they return to render the JavaScript that requires rendering. The procedure with server-side rendering includes displaying content with HTML mark-up. However, the main content is already revealed there, Googlebot will not need to return to render the JavaScript with a purpose to index the content.

This will make the strategy of JavaScript SEO easy than any other.

Due to the delay between the first and second phases, the content within the JavaScript will not be properly indexed. This means content will not include initial rankings and changes will take time for Google to notice and adjust the ranking effectively.

Hence, brands that use JavaScript SEO make sure to consider as much content as possible within their website HTML. Apart from it, critical information that they need to count for the ranking should be written so that crawlers can interpret it easily for the first time.


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