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We here state our privacy policy featuring our commitment to users.

Changes Notifications updates the Privacy Policy at any point of time as the services expands as well as changes the notifications as per requirements. It is all about creating an unbridled creativity with unwavering commitment to its digital clients and one of the best places to work in the industry.

Your public profile

To create the Company profile, we gather data from the user so that all information can be listed true and authentic. This is possible only after the user registers at our website. Once the subscription is done, the user can proceed to create their profile and put in all information. Information must comply with relevance to the business only. This includes the business or the company individually.

Once the application is rightly filled up, user needs to submit the same and receive a verification link which will start once it is completely verified by us. Post verification, the profile will be displayed at

We at, carry out a detailed analysis that knows how the companies are performing in respect to the quality of work, the client’s feedback and also the pricing. We take the responsibility to judge how the companies are performing in respect to the quality of work and pricing. It is about allowing a standard research that can help you with all the beneficial and vital solutions.

Our Website contains links of other websites

While clicking on a logo, template and link make sure that you can access the Therefore, a b2b company can feel confident knowing that they have achieved the estimable position based on the expertise.

How uses information?

Registration Data

Personal identifications and information are right fed to the website in compliance with the information users have put while filling up the application. If there is any issue or any information that needs to be conveyed, it has to be sent through email address only. So, you will have to provide your email address as per requirement. For any updates, we will be sending updates through your emails only.

How do we access necessary information?

In case you are facing any doubt, you will be notified with the updates and also contact us through the email address provided with us in the contact us section. A minimum administrative fee needs to be paid off in regards to the job. If there is any update in our website, we will be informing you via email. Your changes will be published under our listings after it is verified with your identity.

Here is option to change the customer information in the near future if there is any need to do so. This change will be notified through the email only. Before we proceed with any kind of changes, it will be notified to you through the email address and the listing profile will be conveyed with better information.

Security Measures

While creating for a profile for the b2b firm, we ask for the name, phone numbers, residential addresses and email addresses with proper facilities. After completing the right survey, you need to ensure the display of the responses. We simplify the discloses and make it more and more authentic. It includes the information of the normal job title, department, industry and company size etc.

It is upto you if you want to provide information for your clientele along with the emails, phone numbers and email addresses. This is sure to add to a successful review processes that includes the understanding of the user’s experience and many more.

Access information from the third party groups

When any user is signing in with the help of the social media information, the social media information is rightly to get the data via third party website. All information leads to public access and this is sure to take you to the right access revealing the fact here at our website. For any kind of information which the users seek to make it public depends upon the policy, terms and conditions.

It is in this regards you will have the right objective to get information about the third party websites under one place. Once you check your social media and the privacy policy attached to it, you will find and gather the required information. The information will get shared in public so that you get a good amount of business displaying it once logged in.

Legal Disclaimer

Any information can be achieved once you relate it to the social media account while ensuring the account that we carry out in the procedure that can flawlessly act upon coming up with optimistic results. We cannot be held responsible for the content established at the website as it is provided by your information feed.

It is upon you how you communicate with the potential customers that create relationship with the use of the website. We reserve all the rights to suspend the listing from the and also remove the details at any moment and for any reason.