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User Agreement

At upseos.com, we come across with the basic objectives that can connect the buyers and also the users who ensure with the right features of top b2b companies under our website. It is our suggestion that before you use the services it will help you go through the terms and conditions published in the website. You will receive all the best options along with the updated versions of the terms and the conditions mentioned at the website.

The right services are sure to give you the confidence to use the services with the full right to deny the services by offering the user by violating the laws mentioning everything concurrently. The right use of the website is governed by the following of the terms and the addition to the terms and the conditions listed at the following URL of our website.

Knowing the eligibility

Users must be of 18 years old and also above that when it is about making the eligibility to use the website so that they can post the reviews as per the requirement.

Agreeing with certain Terms & Conditions

Here in this section we mention certain terms and conditions which help in agreeing which one can easily access the website availing the services.

  • You must follow the privacy policy and the terms and conditions as per the limitations in order to browse the directory that speaks of b2b services and commitment. These can be made available along with the best options.
  • It is necessary to add-on and provides the accurate information which is sure to help us in offering the best and uninterrupted services.
  • Users need to stay updated as they are the ones who provide with the best and accurate information along with the latest notices ensuring the ways in which you will be able to use the genuine services as you need.

What about your relationship with users, advertisers, merchants and publishers?

Once every step is completed, you need to start your account creation at upseos.com and give you the ultimately full access. While creating the account you will be responsible to provide with all correct information ensuring the genuine accounts with all the features functioning the work perfectly.

For any kind of loss, there is no responsibility held for us. The private data, the user name and the other personal information are all depended upon the users solely. The unauthorized access for any trespasser or intruder will be removed. This is immediately the one which can find a necessary step.

User obligations

  • The user should not do the below discussed activities while using the upseos.com website.
  • Transmitting or posting of any content will be harmful, untrue, fraudulent, threatening, defamatory, pornographic, abusive, harassing, libelous, and unlawful
  • Post slogan, seals, and logos from the 3rd parties
  • The things which can create a disproportionate loading on the website
  • upseos.com will send email for any kind of mishap, complaints, dispute or violation of rules that user fails to maintain while listed under our website
  • Users will be penalized through an email if there is any kind of mishap
  • Publish of wrong and misleading activities, communication or misleading information about the service
  • Publish the content that violates the intellectual rights of property of the third party
  • upseos.com holds the full right to avoid neglect and terminate the user who causes nuisance in the website disturbing the balance of the User agreement
  • Misrepresent the user’s affiliate with any third entity
  • upseos.com is true to cancel the user’s membership if the company finds the user acted and also violates inconsistently with the User agreement.

Public Communications

  • Every user contents will submit to us that is accessible completely responsible for the texts.
  • Users will have to face difficulties if there is any need to create fake contents which might mislead us
  • Make sure that the content you will be published with the violation of the third-party rights does not show up any materials which is against the terms of our website
  • We at the management holds the right to manage the disputes if there is occurrence of any kind of unlawful activities from the end


upseos.com holds the right to charge the users any fee for evaluation that seems competent for b2b companies in order to substantiate any kind of research utilized as per the rank f the company website listings.

The basic subscriptions for directory inclusion is free for 12 months whereas the basic subscriptions for sponsorship and other subscription expresses agreeing the payment agents of the authorized charges recurring the subscription fee on monthly basis as it is set forth in the invoice.

Any other charges of the services may incur in connection with the use of the services including the taxes which are applicable along with the payment method that you provide. The billing cycle will be stated from the date when the user makes the payment to the upseos.com once the user becomes the service provider on the website. This will be valid unless and until the subscription via email services will be cancelled.

If in any case, the user wants to cancel the subscription, things will be ended in the user’s current billing cycle. It is upon the cancellation where there is no refund or the credits will get provided to the user. At that date the user wants to subscribe again and again with the upseos.com additional charges will be made applicable as and when necessary.

Upseos.com will not be responsible and holds in guarantee in any case in the following areas:

  • Top rankings and sales
  • No. of potential visitors
  • Increase in sales
  • No. of leads and traffic
  • Specific number of lead conversion

License to user Content

While submitting the contents, users will be provided with the opportunity and the grant of the use ensuring the information in any of the way. We will be able to edit, modify, and delete the data as per the need for a flawless execution of the services. Giving a license for all the texts you submit is sure to avail the services that are highly exposed to the contents finding ways of disturbances.


upseos.com includes in linking with the third party websites. Things will be responsible for evaluating the access or using the third party website. Upseos.com is not the ways responsible for and does not endorse any kind of content, services, products and other materials as and when available from the third party websites.

If users decide using the third party websites then it is of course on the risk of the third party that uses the as-in basis. The user will be responsible to use any kind of link on the website at one’s own risk. This is what we do not mean that we endorse upon the linked website.

Real & unique information

The user should be agreed to give only complete, real and accurate information as given in the registration form. They should update maintaining the information while doing registration on the website in order to maintain the completenesses, accuracy and reliability. The information seems real, accurate, and complete.


The user is using the website and the payment service at one’s own risks. The products and the services offer using the website on the website that provides as in without any type of warranty and guarantee. You agree that the upseos.com is not responsible for a content of the website and also the communications. The warranty terms and conditions are truly authentic.

The website is sure to reach the website through the ranking of the upseos.com which is responsible for any damages that occur as a result of entering into the contract or agreement so that it provides with the services and also the software for any kind of issues, software responsible for platform rankings and many more.

The content of the website is not our responsibilities we help digital firms to get listed under us with their contents solely. Communicating with potential customers will be responsibility of the firms itself. We also reserve the rights to suspend and remove the listings from the upseos.com for any reason and at any point of time.

Intellectual property

upseos.com is liable to deactivate the user and the accounts by violating the third party’s intellectual property rights. All information n the website will be the responsibility of the user only who created the profile in the website under our listing.


If there is any kind of violation of the laws we can start and dig out investigation to know about the real cause of the situation by suing the website following the terms and conditions available on our website. You can easily find the real time with the right benefits helping in to explore all the apt and the suitable facets fulfilling the specifications. The benefits are responsible for all sides. Things will be sorted out as per the client requirements.