SEO basically stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. It is a process which improves the visibility of a website or a web-page on search engine. In general, more frequently a site appears in the search result list, it will receive more number of users because of its fast response. It targets different types of searches which includes   image search, local search, video search and many more. The term SEO is adopted by a industry of consultants who carry out optimization on behalf of clients. It is a way to get our website to work best with different search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing for getting huge profits doing keyword research.

SEO is a technique which helps search engines find out and rank your website better or we can say greater than other website in response to a search question. Generally it helps you in getting traffic from different search engines. So to make your website the kind of site search engines will show in search results includes quality content and quality links. These two factors play an important role in success of any website. SEO in simple terms involves writing pages that uses different keywords and securing links from other pages to show the importance of your page. Different techniques used in SEO are title tag and Meta submission, directories submission and link building.