Introduction to the Digital Marketing context

The importance of SEO for companies

5 insights from the SEO world

Many people consider Digital Marketing as a novelty of this century. But the truth is that it goes far beyond being something new, since digital strategies are already being examined as the main means to obtain visibility and succeed in this market.


Having visibility is an unremitting pursuit on the part of all businesses, whether small or large. Adjusting the strategies according to the “carriage floor” consists of a balcony that requires professionalism and precision to be done at the right moment.


Want to better understand what are the SEO insights that can contribute to your business? Keep reading this article and discover excellent opportunities to earn your place in the sun when it comes to developing the best Digital Marketing strategies.


A importância do SEO para os negócios

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ou simplesmente Otimização de Sites, é uma estratégia de Marketing Digital para quem deseja atrair clientes potenciais do rankeamento de sua página dentro dos mecanismos de busca. Composto por uma série de estratégias digitais, o SEO é fundamental para os empreendimentos.


Sem adotar uma estratégia SEO dificilmente um negócio obter resultados satisfatórios no ambiente virtual. E, para estar alinhado às metodologias dessa estratégia, é indispensável manter-se sempre atento a cada novo marcador e atualização do Google.


Fazer o SEO do site e fazer o conteúdo requer mais do que conhecimentos rasos. Por isso é importante contar com o auxílio de um profissional ou de uma agência de Marketing Digital para os melhores resultados.


5 insights do mundo SEO


That SEO is important, you already know, but what are the insights and main trends in this subject for you to stand out and take the top positions in Google search? Here are some important tips:


1. Mobile first

If the subject is visibility within the Digital Era, it is obviously important to highlight the concept of mobile first. Nowadays people use cell phones / smartphones to solve many of their problems and needs and, therefore, it is essential to create websites that take this into account.


There are already more cell phones in the world than people according to surveys and the trend is that these numbers continue to grow. In order to have visibility in the virtual environment it is necessary to create something that stands out precisely in this medium, optimizing the visitor’s experience on your website when he comes by mobile devices.


2. Fancy content for SEO!

Content Marketing is still considered as one of the highlights of the SEO strategy, after all, people come to search engines with the clear intention of finding information about something, whether to make a purchase or just take a question.


The more the content is in accordance with the SEO rules, the better your ranking will be on these mechanisms and, the closer you are to the first results, the greater the chances that your page will be visited by users who can become customers.


3. Reputation and Authority: Building from external links

Still within Content Marketing, and also considering Inbound Marketing, it is worth emphasizing that another important insight and trend in SEO is the building of reputation and authority within the virtual environment. How is that possible?


The more external links your site receives, the greater the indication to Google that there is good content there. With each link, the value of your page will increase and over time your position will also get better thanks to this action.


4. Small vs. large brands: does organic search (SEO) have room for everyone?

Is it now coming to Digital Marketing and you have doubts if there is still space for small companies and brands? Have the giants already absorbed all the space available in this environment? What can you do to change and succeed in organic search?


First of all, there is always room to do your best and do the best SEO in order to stand out in the virtual environment. From the Digital Marketing strategies it is possible to compete with big names even if your investment limit is lower. The tip is to better segment the audience in order to be objective to obtain good results.


5. Count on professionals to build digital and SEO strategies for your company

Don’t know where to start when it comes to developing digital strategies? Want to reach the top, but have doubts about the best ways to bet and what resources to invest to reach your audience? Be aware that other people also do not know how to resolve such points due to lack of specific knowledge.


This is exactly where the importance of hiring professionals to act for your brand comes in. Next4 is the right Digital Marketing agency for your needs. Take the opportunity to get in touch and start planning your digital strategies to stand out in your market!