Google provide the social media community which called as Google Plus. This is very effective for a website which we want to optimize and make popular around the web. Google Plus really good for seo of website. Google profile is good for every website because you can share any information regarding to your product or services. It will increase traffic   of your website because it will redirect traffic on your website. Now days people worldwide face many type of communication way to meet and get in touch together, social media is best way to communicate together vice versa. One thing is more important because how to choose best way, there is many communication medium. Each day launch a new idea in the market by many competitors.

Now day’s social media also going to using on mobile phone devices and always connected the world. Google plus are giving to good sharing thoughts and stuff related to your business. You can create new community or group.

The major visible change is new Navigation button in the left side of the Google plus page where you can easily navigate and most of features such as your personal profiles, games, pictures and games. This icon give you to specific tasks like add photos to your profile, you can create albums, and online albums or add photos via phones.