Are you interested how to create messenger app? Possibly you require a new chat app to streamline business processes inside your own organization? Or simply want to innovate the messaging app market?
Online communication has become a new normal these days. Communication software like WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, and other tools that are an integral part of our lifestyle.

As of May 2020, 2.52 billion people use chat apps regularly and this number keeps growing and is expected to reach 3 billion in 2022.

Just imagine, 41 million messages are sent out each minute globally, stated by Statista. It makes no wonder that the messaging app market will grow rapidly.
Chat apps take a notable place on your smartphone. Aren’t they?

How many messengers are using smartphone owners
The current state of thing with the coronavirus crisis also underlines the importance of stable, secure, and high-quality online messengers.

If you have a concept of creating a unique messenger, this article is a complex guide into the tech and business details, as follows:

what features are must-have in messaging software these days
advance functionality that will help you to stand out
tech stack to use and technologies applied in the market leaders (WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype)
building the revenue stream in a messenger
challenges during messaging app development
Get right into the key insights.