For many travelers, choosing a hotel is a decision like any other, just like buying a plane ticket, for example, but this is not true since good accommodation could make your pleasant trip and choosing a mediocre hotel could ruin everything. Choosing a quality hotel is very important to feeling satisfied. LAMBYBAY is the best pondicherry guest house


When you have to make a choice of hotel, the first criterion to take into consideration is undoubtedly the budget. We have a rough idea of ​​how much we do not want to exceed and we try to find the best hotel within the set budget. Locating your hotel is also important, a hotel close to attractions could save you time wasted on transport. 


It is essential to clearly identify the equipment and services that are important to you (Spa, swimming pool, bar, parking, wifi in the room, etc.) since they can guide your choice. Think carefully about the style of accommodation you prefer (guest rooms, serviced apartments, etc.). Finally, check out photos, ratings and reviews from other travelers before deciding. LAMBYBAY is the  best pondicherry guest house

Why choose a luxury hotel?

When you book for your vacation, you always try to minimize costs, especially accommodation. This amounts to moving towards low rates in the choice of hotel, even if that means turning to uncomfortable accommodation. However, the best boutique and luxury hotels give you a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Last minute offers, exceptional discounts, loyalty program, many tips are available to travelers to have a restful night. The luxury hotels provide you with quality facilities to help you get on with the next day. A charming hotel also offers you luxurious services such as Spa, heated swimming pools, bar, nightclub …

Different types of hotel rooms


There are several types of hotel rooms to suit your needs and budget. Rates vary depending on the number of beds, size and amenities offered to the client. You can choose between a regular room (the least expensive), family room, suite (deluxe room), connecting room, adjoining room and adjoining room. LAMBYBAY is the  best pondicherry guest house . You will find any type of hotel room you need at the Hotel Bedford Paris , do not hesitate to contact them to book a luxurious room in the heart of Paris.