Digital marketing is not a simple term for everyone to master it and hence most people end up doing a poor job. The outset of digital marketing is much bigger than everyone can imagine. All type of product marketing done through digital media falls under this. Advancement in digital media and the popularity of electronic devices into our lives these days has changed the entire scene.

Now the next myth people often assume is digital marketing is all about social media and blogging. Well, these two are a different part of digital marketing but do not cover the entire arena. Not many know that digital marketing can be done through both online and offline.

So, why it became so important at this age? Well, the straight answer is modern life that rotates around electronic gadgets. People now spend half of their day time into surfing the internet, which is why the brands & businesses inclined their marketing orientation towards digital media.

Types of Digital Marketing

Here we are going to discuss 9 primary types of digital marketing that are vital to boost brand identity online.

1.       Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2.       Social Media Marketing

3.       Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

4.       Mobile Phone Advertising

5.       Viral Marketing

6.       Content Marketing

7.       Influencer Marketing

8.       Affiliate Marketing

9.       Email Marketing

1.Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process to improve any brand’s online visibility in the organic search engine listing. In search engines such as google or yahoo, people tend to search for certain thing based on a given set of keywords. For each search, the users get results per page which are personalised based on their location, time and browsing history.

The search results are ranked simply according to the search engine’s algorithms and users tend to view the results appeared on the first page only. So, higher the ranking in the search engine’s list, more the traffic engage to the content. But how to encounter the top rankings? The answer is through search engine optimization.

SEO includes several factors such as keywords, content, links to the website etc. SEO can be of both on-page and off-page. On-page SEO refers to the optimisation work done on own website to boost its search engine ranking. Off-page SEO refers to the optimisation work done on outside the website to boost search engine ranking. In simple words, SEO is about making the website user oriented and boost traffic engagement.

2. Social Media Marketing

Steps taken to marketizing any brand or services through social media is called social media marketing. Social media a crucial part of digital marketing and delivers extensive exposure. It let the brand connect with the users in a more personalised way which gives a deeper insight into the consumer base. Social media has become the best way to connect with consumers and gain feedback that helps to improvise services. Social media offers more brand reach if posted with quality content and graphic designs. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, or LinkedIn, all are social media platforms that offer a wider scope to connect with the global audience. B2C companies are the one to make most out of this type of digital marketing. Likes, shares and views are equivalent to showcasing your brand.

3. Search Engine Marketing & PPC

Search Engine Marketing or SEM encompasses the gap left by SEO and works on a paid basis. SEM is the scope to buy advertisement space in user’s SERP. Google and bing are the common platforms for such paid advertisement. These charge engines charge a certain amount to advertise a product for a pre-defined number.  It works with keywords and the buyers are charges as [per the click basis. Nowadays, social media platforms also started adopting this advertisement mechanism. It’s a great way to connect with the target audience and assures lead generation.

4. Mobile Phone Advertising

Digital marketing advertisements are largely dependent on mobile devices and users. However, mobile advertising also includes SMS advertising. It also helps to connect with customers who are not on social media platforms. Usually, companies do mobile phone advertising to aware customers about offers, coupons or any status updates.

5. Viral Marketing

The new trend in digital marketing is viral marketing. It refers to posting a trendy or funny post to attract a massive audience through online media. It adds enormous spikes to the brand identity within a shorter time. Companies or agencies does this type of digital marketing through social media. 

6. Content Marketing

“Content is king” and it still delivers greater traffic to any website. A quality piece of content helps to attract a large audience and generate leads. Blogging, digital posts, tweets are the few variants used for content marketing. Even for an effective SEO or SMO campaign, quality content is required. Language of the content, context and style matters a lot for attracting the audience. Thus, content needs to be prepared with considering the target audience group and their orientation.

7. Email Marketing

It’s a traditional way of digital marketing followed by brands from many years now. Email marketing is the best way to keep the audience updated about brand’s offers, status and other information. Users who subscribe for this receive these emails. It helps to build a better brand image, trust and loyalty.

8. Influencer Marketing

This is the new type of digital marketing which uses people considered to be expert in particular fields and holds enormous online followers. It is the easier way to convince a larger user group about any services or products. To carry such advertisement, companies or agencies hire social media personalities with million users to promote their brand.

9. Affiliate Marketing

This is a type of digital marketing where you only pay for a conversation with a user. Blogger or eCommerce or retail websites uses this marketing technique to increase their sales rate. It requires no upfront cost and represents your brand’s message intimately to the audience.

Depending on the brand’s nature and offered product, companies use these digital marketing ways to attract a greater user base and build a strong brand identity.