“Challenges Can Delay Your Journey; They Can Never Stop It”


The current global economy is in an indefinite pausedstate. For advertisers, especially digital agencies, the situation has been no less than abysmal. It is one of the topmost impacted industries from the Covid-19 pandemic. 


chart showing traffic growth or decline in different industries

Slowly but surely, business is trying to get back to normal, however, there are doubts about a possible second wave of the pandemic. Amidst these looming concerns, companies are taking all reasonable measures to keep employees safe and work uninterrupted. However, for an SEO agency, the challenges are particularly disruptive.  


Existing clients have shrunk their SEO spending budget, and new clients have disappeared under the weight of the gloomy economic climate. In this period of uncertainty, survival remains priority number one for most SEO agencies. 


If your digital agency is facing the same set of challenges that other SEO agencies are, here is a survival guide to help you navigate the harsh times safely and profitably. 


#1. Evaluate Short, Medium and Long-Term Impact


‘Adjust to the New Normal’ seems to be the only advice that anyone and everyone has to give in light of the current crisis. But there has been a silver lining too, particularly for digital agencies. 


With people forced to spend more time indoors, their online activity has increased substantially. Though this activity is restricted primarily to binge-watching their favorite web series, nevertheless it’s an opportunity for digital agencies to attract traffic from non-traditional digital channels.


For a digital agency, adjusting to changes in online user perception and behavior necessitates a thorough evaluation of the short, medium, and long-term impact of the pandemic on business and consumer behavior.


Most digital agencies have their plates full of diverse sets of challenges ranging from maintaining SEO service quality to ensuring client retention. However, instead of feeling weighed down and helpless, digital agencies have a ready-made solution in the form of white-label solution providers. 


White-label solutions are like an extended arm of the digital agency. They take care of all their needs while digital agencies can focus on business challenges. Specifically in the current scenario where the extent of pandemics impact is still a work in progress, white-label solution providers offer digital agencies breathing space and the time to evaluate strategies and prepare for impact. 


#2. Keep Track of Changing Trends and New Opportunities 


Making most of the new opportunities and trends must be second on every SEO agency’s list of must-dos for surviving the pandemic.


In the first few weeks of the pandemic, most businesses had reduced their marketing budget by nearly 50%. This undesirable move resulted in a sharp decline in CPM and CPC prices. For some SEO agencies, this was a golden opportunity to acquire fresh customers for their clients at the lowest possible budget. 


In terms of trends, there has been a renewed focus on white-label reseller partnerships. In this arrangement, an SEO agency partners with a white-label SEO provider and saves the overheads associated with managing an in-house SEO team. The reseller offers the same quality of service at far fewer costs. The SEO agency can channel its resources in other business areas vital to growth and scalability. 


#3. Cut Back on Premium Tools Temporarily


With clients feeling apprehensive about market sentiments and pulling down on SEO budgets, it’s time as a digital agency to curb non-essential spending. Agencies can start with restricting the use of premium tools for SEO that offers little value in the current scenario. 


There are tons of alternatives to premium SEO tools. Although they might lack certain key features and insights, they nevertheless serve all basic requirements well. Digital agencies can save a significant amount by using these tools in place of the premium ones. 


#4. Reduce Work Hours or Introduce Reasonable Pay Cuts


It might sound harsh, but considering the overall business impact and uncertainties in the job market, there is no reason why employees would doubt the legitimate motives behind the move. 


An excellent place to start would be with higher management. It will send a positive message and prepare employees at the middle and executive levels to accept the agency’s decision. 


Digital agencies can also consider reductions in the length of workweeks. However, agencies must schedule work hour changes very efficiently and ensure that every staff member is financially protected. 


This may also be the perfect time to cross-train selected staff-members on some key SEO job roles. Even if they might not be as useful now, but considering the uncertainties at play, it’s always wise to keep a team ready for handling SEO tasks during emergencies.   


#5. Remote White-Label Partnerships


Last but not least, this could be the perfect time to enter a remote white-label partnership. White-label SEO solution providers offer cost-effective solutions to digital agencies’ every SEO need. A digital agency can save significantly on resources ranging from in-house IT infrastructure to third-party associations. 


White-Label Partnership Benefits


  • Less spend

  • Greater expertise

  • Strict adherence to deadlines

  • Easy to scale services

  • Increased revenue

  • Greater client satisfaction

  • All solutions delivered under one roof

  • Full credibility to agency for work


Turning Challenges into Opportunities


The success formula for a digital agency lies in its ability to turn challenges into new opportunities. While the pandemic has no doubt posed significant challenges to businesses of all scale and size, digital is pegged to be the medium of choice for businesses to connect and engage with their audience.


As such, white-label SEO partnerships will prove to be the lifelines for digital agencies in the present and the post-COVID-19 world. They will allow agencies the time, the energy, and the breathing space to focus on increasing clientele and scale at a rapid pace without worrying about service quality and delivery. 


In case the current pandemic has forced your agency to walk on a tightrope, it’s time to hold the hands of a white-label SEO service provider. We recommend you DashClicks as an ideal white-label SEO partner. The registration is free, and you will be charged for services only when you make a sale.