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Soshal is a privately owned agency located in Ottawa, Canada that has been creating value for some of the world’s most well-known brands like Honda, Kobo, SurveyMonkey, and TD Bank since 2010. We are brand builders, experience designers, and entrepreneurial marketers. Where many agencies struggle to truly define their culture beyond being “collaborative”, “innovative”, or “world-class”, at Soshal one word summarizes our culture and major point of differentiation:


Soshal is an agency with investments and holdings in a diverse portfolio of technology startups, e-commerce ventures, and academic programs. In lieu of cash, we invest experience, energy, and time into working with innovative companies to create value through branding, product strategy and design, user acquisition/growth, content development, and other marketing activities.

As a result of these entrepreneurial pursuits, our company culture has been shaped around quality work, demonstrable performance, and accountable results. Our agency clients are the benefactors of this culture, working with a team that puts their money where their mouths are and takes true ownership over the outcomes we produce.

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