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ROAS with Facebook ads.

You might be thinking these results were from retargeting.


?We achieved these results without the following?

❌Uploading a customer list to create lookalikes ❌Just retargeting their existing customers ❌Smart shopping campaigns or Youtube ads (Just rolling those out now) Pretty much a brand new account starting from scratch.

Here’s a high overview of the account. I will make some posts breaking down some of our strategies as we scale.

Google will easily help you get predictable, reliable returns & scale every month that can be hard to achieve with Facebook at times when you get higher in ad spend.

?LOTE campaigns (Languages Other Than English)

? The best ROI of everything we do, coming in barely under 14x ROAS.

?English-targeted branded campaigns

? Just under 11x ROAS We added over 100 country-specific branded campaigns this week.

We will start to see volume increase and also instances of insane ROI events where we get one click costing at somewhere between one to three cents, and we get a $50 sale out of it.

?Non-branded Keywords Campaigns

? The ROAS is hitting 2-3x already some days and is overall 1.7 in our first week of doing it.

This is one of our biggest opportunities to scale up since the search volume on the non-branded stuff is far, far higher than branded (about 15x all branded searches in all countries) Currently just doing non branded in the US.

So LOTS of room to scale up the volume and also tighten up the margins, then duplicate to other countries.

?Google Shopping & Youtube

? Just about to roll these out.Expecting big things from these.

?Brief Scaling Strategy.?

1.Duplicate the non-branded search success in multiple countries, so I'm guessing that once that is done, we could have 4x our current search spend.

2.Display is the big one...ultimately display should be just as reliable as search in terms of CPA, when we're using automated bid strategies, and display traffic of course dwarfs all of this. So I'd say that eventually display could 4x the entire account once again, so maybe 16x what we're seeing now? That's all pretty conservative as well as we haven't even factored in YouTube or Shopping.

3.Once we get to $50k in spend, we'll be able to upload customer lists, make lookalikes and expect far better returns than what we're getting now on display/retargeting Moral of the story, if you’re already doing well with Facebook.

Get into Google!

We’ve had a ton of success working with 7 & 8 figure brands who were driving most of their conversions through Facebook.

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