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The Pixel Works

London, United Kingdom


The Pixel Works is a creative agency covering the core areas of marketing - Brand Development & Logo Design, Creative Marketing, Content & Copy Writing, Web Design and UX Consultancy and Print. We don't believe in diluting our service offerings as other agencies do. We just stick to what we do best; the things that have given us success over the past 20 years; and what businesses large and small demand.

With experience from agency and client-side, we grew weary of seeing agency rate cards spiral, service levels deteriorate, too much focus on making money and hitting targets rather than generating great work, exceeding client expectations and being flexible. So we created an agency dedicated to its clients with one simple mission: solving business challenges creatively and collaboratively. We've worked together with some of the most trusted and respected brands in the UK and love to bring our skills and experience to start-up businesses - although we're equally passionate when working with larger corporates and international operations. We're passionate about what we do and bring the same focus to each project whether it's for a large corporation or start-up business. The key to our success has been maintaining a focus in creating real value for our clients, building these relationships on trust, respect and the impact of what we accomplish together – we are fair and transparent with our costs and celebrate our clients success with them - our success is built on our clients success.

Sponsorship in June 2024