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Engagement Objectives With GrowthGenius
  • Build a repeatable and scalable way to generate qualified pipeline
  • Implement a cost-effective prospecting alternative to hiring a sales rep and building process in-house
  • Connect with more great brands like Burt’s Bees, CIBC, Questrade, Star Wars and The Body Shop

We chatted with Peter Reitano, Co-Founder and CEO of Abacus for the purpose of this case study.

Sales Process before engaging GrowthGenius

Abacus was not using any outbound activities before engaging GrowthGenius.

They were mainly relying on their network and referrals as inbound strategies to generate leads alongside channel partnerships.

Abacus had inbound leads coming in twice a week and about 25% of those leads closed.

Why GrowthGenius?“We wanted scale and a repeatable process to generate leads. Common problem with companies like ours is that you grow and you rely on your relationships and it is all kind of founder centric. A, there is a limit to that and B it is not the best use of your time. That is where we wanted GrowthGenius to come in — to create a consistent pipeline of leads that we can close to scale.”Peter Reitano, CEO at Abacus

Sponsorship in June 2024