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When you come to Distantia, you have a unique opportunity to work with a multidisciplinary team specialized in Internet business solutions development. Our expertise in e-commerce, e-marketing and high-level Internet programming will bring you increased return on investment. In this field where many code programmers declare themselves specialists in Web business solutions, our people-oriented approach, rather than a technolgy-oriented approach, sets us apart.

Our strategies are based on winning values that promote interchange between the different players within an organization. Since 1999, we have been creating many Internet sites of regional, national and international scope for our customers. They all have a common denominator: real and measurable results! Distantia is proud to contribute to many websites attracting several millions of visitors each year. Our expertise and the diversified walks of business of our customers are the reason we can develop many projects each year that exceed customers'​ objectives, and this, often within very short time frames. As we are a fully integrated business, we can provide all the services under one roof.

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