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Nyack, United States


Digital Web Consulting is led by Kelly Campbell—former digital agency owner for 15 years—helping creative, media, tech and non-profits to level-up.

Kelly's passion is in uncovering the gaps within an organization’s web presence—and providing solutions to address those challenges. Since selling her agency in 2016, she is the IA & SEO consultant to Facebook for its developer-facing web properties. As an SEO expert, she speaks at digital marketing conferences around the country and has worked with government entities, B2C and B2B businesses, and national non-profits.

Beyond SEO to pull prospects in, together you'll also tackle conversion rate optimization (CRO). That is, once they land on your homepage or interior page, how are you moving them along an intended path to take action? This could mean initiating a chat, filling out an interactive form, subscribing to your email list, or something else.

What are you offering online that your competitors are not? Are you giving prospects a reason to return? Thinking about the entire journey from the prospect’s perspective—not through your own lens—will uncover significant opportunity for improved rate of conversion from visitor to prospect to lead to opportunity.

With a background in design, Kelly understands that best practices in SEO and UX can sometimes feel counter to unbound creativity. But here’s the thing: you’re running a business. And that business should not rely on referrals; In fact, your new income streams should be incredibly diverse if you want your organization to grow and scale. This holistic view is precisely where Kelly can add incredible value.

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