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Vancouver, Canada


Argotype Marketing provides digital marketing services as well as training for small to large businesses, enabling business owners and teams to get the most effective and economical performance out of their marketing budgets. We have a passion for the medium and the knowledge to know where your ad money will be best spent.

Whether you’re a small single proprietorship or a large company with multiple locations, we can help you achieve a higher return by utilizing the most relevant platforms and ad types for your business.


We're here to help you with the following:

Set up and manage digital marketing for your small business

Digital marketing for large businesses

Train existing media teams to enhance current marketing efforts

Learn how to manage your own marketing


Selling products in an online store?

Try linking your Shopify store to Google’s Merchant Center to start displaying Shopping Ads on the Google Ad Network when people search for relevant product keywords.


Looking to reach locals with your brand on social media? Audience targeting can be very powerful, but it can also reach too wide an audience. Choose your geographic location wisely and select the right demographics and interests. Compare audience performance and iterate on what works best.


Need some exposure for your blog or review site? Set up Dynamic Search Ads in Google Ads to use AI to match content on your website to people searching in real time. No need to write ads, your content will speak for itself while garnering some of the lowest CPCs possible.


Want your text ads to show above a specific competitor?

Choose an automated bidding strategy that will specifically try to outbid any text ads from their URL. It really can be that easy, with our help.

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